👉 VR Holding is a company that stands out for its quality of construction. Today we would like to inform you about ongoing and completed work.
Construction report of the fourth and fifth phases from Krtsanisi Resort Residence:
🏠 10-13 The installation of internal communications in the entrance hall, floor screed works in the apartments, and glazing of the commercial floor with Schüco doors and windows have been completed. Plaster-cardboard ceilings in the apartments have also been completed. The laying of marble tiles in the entrances has begun. Elevator structures are being installed, and the construction of a ventilated facade is also actively underway, which will be completed in the near future. It is planned to install a plasterboard ceiling and glass balcony railings in the entrance.
Paths are laid near these entrances.
🏠 14-17 in the hallways, the partition walls between the apartments, the insulation of the roof, and the plastering-painting of the balconies are completed. The installation of internal partitions, electrical wiring, internal communications, stretching of the balconies, and the installation of Schüco sliding doors and windows, which have already been completed on the first two floors, are in progress.
🏠 18-19 blocks, the monolithic works of the entrances and the arrangement of partitions including the 5th floor are completed. Separation and internal partitions between apartments are being arranged. Also, internal communications are being networked.
🏠 20-21 blocks, the arrangement of the roofing tiles of the 5th residential floor in the hallways has been completed. Installation of partitions between apartments, internal partitions, and internal communications is in progress.
🏠 22-25 blocks, the foundation walls are being insulated at the entrances. It is planned to arrange the foundation slab. Boiler works are completed in the entrances; concrete works of the elevator pits are started. The installation of the pump unit in the water reservoir intended for the complex is in progress.
Paths are laid near these entrances.
🏊‍♀️ The installation of insulation and ceramic granite in the pool area has been completed. The finishing of the dry and wet sauna is in progress. Bathrooms and floors are covered with ceramic granite.
Installation of floor screed and heating-cooling systems has been completed on the -1 level, tasting cellar.
🏋️‍♀️ On the second floor, where the offices will be located, the installation of the constructions for the dividing glass-fitting and of the heating-cooling grids have been completed, as well as the bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms. Grilyato ceiling installation begins. The frame of the kitchen lift is being arranged. Preparatory works of ceramic granite are planned, both on the walls and floor. In this part, porcelain tiles from the Italian brands Calacatta Macchia and Calacatta Mont will be used.
🍽 The arrangement of facade glass-fitting windows has been completed on the third floor, where the restaurant will be located. The flowerbeds were facing with travertine stone. Arrangement of bathroom constructions and laying of communications are in progress. Preparatory work for the glass railing of the internal staircase is planned.