VR Holding is a company that stands out for its quality of construction. Today we would like to provide you with information about ongoing and completed work.

Construction report of the fourth and fifth phases from Krtsanisi Resort Residence:
Blocks 3-4-5: Construction and renovation work in the apartments has been completed to a green frame state. At the entrance to the apartment there is an exclusive Ukrainian door. Paving of the entrance with marble stone has been completed. A Kone panoramic elevator has been installed. These blocks have a ventilated facade using Spanish Grespania porcelain tiles and Austrian Fundermax tiles. A Shuko sliding door-window has been installed. Currently, entrances 3-4-5 are being cleaned to transfer apartments to residents.

In the apartments of block 10-11-12-13, plastering with Hyper has been completed, work is underway on laying communications and floor screed. The installation of roof insulation, the installation of Schuco sliding doors and windows, as well as porcelain tiles and ceiling cladding on the balconies have been completed. Construction of the Fundermax ventilated façade and installation of internal communications began. It is planned to build an external road around the perimeter and install elevators.

14-15-16-17 blocks: The main part of the monolithic work has been completed, the installation of parapets, stairs, ramps, inter-apartment and interior, as well as the laying of fire-prevention pipes and installation of the bases of Shuko brand slide stained-glass windows is underway.

18-19-20-21 blocks:
Reinforced concrete work is actively underway. In entrances 18-19, the roofing slab of the 4th floor has been poured. Construction of the columns and diaphragms (walls) of the 5th floor has begun. It is planned to fill the roofing slab of the third floor at entrances 20-21.

Commercial building:
The excavation work for the multifunctional building has been completed and mobilization is underway to begin monolithic work. In addition, the installation of external communications of 4-5 phases has been completed.

Complex infrastructure:
Court: The construction of a hard surface tennis court according to European standards has been completed.

Sandfield: The sandfield is under construction.

Swimming pool: Work on the sandy beach has been completed.
The paths around the pool were also paved with travertine. The arrangement of the liner has been completed. In the interior of the pool, floor heating pipelines, heating and cooling systems, a suspended ceiling and lighting are installed. In the interior, installation of an elevator, finishing work on the floor and
marble staircase have begun.

Fitness: Heating-cooling ventilation systems have been installed, electricity has been connected, the floor has been stretched, Schuco brand stained glass windows have been installed on the façade, as well as glass railings. A heating and cooling system is being installed on the restaurant floor. Installation of external units of heating, cooling and ventilation systems is also underway.