VR Holding has acquired up to 40 hectares of land in Shekvetili with a coastline of 1200 meters. On the coast of the Black Sea, the town is distinguished by the most ecologically healthy environment, whose natural healing factors are:

• Coastal humid subtropical air and ionized air
• A beach distinguished by healing properties
• Perennial pine trees that fill the air with alpine aromas and create a healing effect.

Near the land, you can find Hotel “Paragraph”, entertainment space “Firefly”, concert hall BLACK SEA ARENA, dendrological Par, miniature and musicians park are located near the plot of land.

VR Holding was founded 12 years ago by businessman Noshiko Namoradze and stands out in the market with unconditional trust, innovative projects and premium quality. A prominent example is the successfully implemented project, the first resort-type settlement in Tbilisi – “Krtsanisi Resort Residence”.

“We take each project with great responsibility, VR Holding”s projects speak for the importance of a healthy life. Any of our ideas serve to change life for the better, and our idea is to create a new epicenter of attraction on the Black Sea coast,” says Noshiko Namoradze, the founder of VR Holding.


The company has a specific vision for the project it will be presented to the public in the near future.