About Project:

Sairme Villa Residence is located in the city center, in the quiet heightened place. It is surrounded by private residences, where the representatives of the diplomatic corps reside as well. There exist three different ways to get to the place of destination.

The complex consists of two 5-story stand-alone buildings: Villa 1 and 3 exclusive apartments with shared swimming pool on the roof

The villas have the best location and are close to everything:

  • 15 minutes drive away from Freedom Square
  • In 23 km, 30 minutes drive away from the airport
  • In the most ecologically clean district of Tbilisi
  • In the area of embassies (Austria, Poland, Kazakhstan, Council of Europe)
  • Godziashvili Garden (the so-called Red Garden)
  • Former hippodrome
  • Lisi Lake 7 km away
  • Turtle Lake 7 km away

Within the 1-kilometer radius from Sairme Villa Residence there are multi-specialty hospitals or clinics, private and public schools, kindergartens, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, ice skating rink, football fields, tennis courts and sports swimming pools.

Investment information

Annual return (ROI)
Years of experience
Recreational Space

Quality we prefer:

  • Construction was carried out with the highest quality cement and armature, having the ISO certification.
  • Foundation is formed by 60 sm. stone-concrete monolith, which is split on the mountain layer.
  • Mild constructions are considered for double load.
  • Building is magnitude 8 earthquake resistant.
  • Walls are built by energy efficient blocks and heat-reflective materials.
  • Construction has hydro-isolation.
  • Facades of the buildings are entirely covered with the natural travertine stones.
  • Panoramic windows are made of iso-aluminum, and they are equipped with sliding mechanisms.
  • The first floor, the stairs and all the halls are surfaced with the marble stone.
  • Rooms have independent ventilation systems.
  • Buildings have individual central heating system.
  • Ground floor has underfloor heating system.
  • Electric wiring is in compliance with the international standards and is earthed.
  • Highest quality material is used for water supply system.
  • Fire safety is protected. Rooms are interconnected to the central audio system.
  • Buildings are equipped with surveillance cameras and security systems. Moreover, state security may be ensured as well.
  • Rooftop swimming pool is provided within the complex.



Terms of handover:

The apartments were handed over with complete renovation, which housed a fully equipped bathroom, built-in kitchen with a stove, exhaust hood and dishwasher, a central heating system with a heating boiler and radiators.

Sairme Villa in Residence is a fully completed project that can be rented.