VR Holding high quality can be observed in our completed projects:

We have created high-quality projects that ensure the satisfaction of our residents. We strive to provide our customers with well designed, well built and aesthetically pleasing homes, and this contributes to building a positive reputation within the development industry. Such reputation helps us attract more buyers and stand out in a developing market.

Our commitment to quality sets us apart from our competitors because quality comes first for us. Working with a commitment to quality reflects ethical business practices and professionalism. This is a clear indication that we value and attach great importance to the well-being of our residents.

Ultimately, offering the best environment for our residents is not just about achieving short-term sales goals, but a strategic approach that fosters customer loyalty, a positive reputation, and long-term business success in the real estate industry.

Within the recent years, traffic jams, noise and dust have become an annoying part of the lives of Tbilisi residents, that is why it became necessary to offer people a place to live where they would feel calm and happy. This is how Krtsanisi Villa Residence was created – a project that resonates the concept of a green and protected area.

All types of housing

The project built on 20 000 square meters includes several different types of housing:

  • A five-story building with convenient underground parking and a pool
  • Townhouses with greenery and wide terraces
  • Villas designed according to an exclusive project, with their own yards
  • The territory also covers an outdoor swimming pool, football field, tennis courts, playgrounds for children and recreational areas.

Construction of the first part of the complex commenced in February 2015 and was completed in May 2016.


It is hard to imagine, however it is only a 5-minute drive away from the city center to find yourself in greenery and calm environment. The temperature difference here can be felt in few seconds, and the breeze blowing from Krtsanisi Mountains shall take you for a second to another reality.

Krtsanisi is one of the most prestigious and safe districts of Tbilisi, which was caused by the number of embassies and diplomatic missions at the time.


Residents of Krtsanisi Villa Residence clearly understand the essence of comfort. They don’t have to worry regarding the parking or maintaining the complex in its original form. Taking care of the plants and the tidiness of the territory are ensured by qualified personnel, and the concierge handles the rest of the issues. A separate group serves the elevator as well, due to which technical problems are minimized.


While working on Krtsanis Villa Residence concept, we did not forget for a second the priorities of our customers. In addition to greenery and calm environment, safety is also important for them. Taking into consideration the modern standards, we have created an environment, where adults and children feel calm and safe. The complex is surrounded by barriers, and the area is monitored by 24-hour security personnel and cameras.