About Villas:

Villas are built at the beginning of the Krtsanis Resort Residence, from where the view on Tbilisi can be observed. From the very beginning, our vision was to create a unique residential complex in Tbilisi.

Krtsanisi has always been an outstanding place with its air and views. That is why this place was chosen and a large-scale project was planned. Development of the resort started with villas; therefore villas are the first product of our company. Each villa is designed for high-end living, where you can simultaneously get quality, innovative infrastructure, city views, recreational areas and, at the same time, be just 10 minutes away from the city center.

Often associated with luxury and spacious living, villas offer several advantages that make them an attractive housing option:

The villas in our projects have large square meters compared to other types of houses, which provide enough space for living, entertaining and relaxing. In addition, the villas have private gardens, yards and outdoor spaces that offer a high degree of privacy.

Villas under the project are located within the area that provides a sense of security. The location allows residents to enjoy beautiful views and connection with nature.

Moreover, villa owners, in addition to their own infrastructure, have the opportunity to use all kinds of infrastructure in the project, such as gyms, horse stables, entertainment centers and others. As a consequence, our villas can enhance your quality of living and ensure opportunities to relax and socialize.

Eventually, villas may be considered attractive for the renters that provide potential rental income.

Villa 4

Villa 3

Villa 2