We have a special New Year offer for customers until December 31 st called “Move In Today”,
which allows you to buy an apartment in the current project and move in today.

From your side you need to select the desired apartment in Krtsanisi Resort Residence, and
you will receive the key to your new apartment in the project of the resort complex, in which you
will live until finishing of your apartment.

Those who shall use this offer will simply need personal items, because here you will find an
apartment that is fully equipped interior, furniture and appliances.

We have several completed projects in the area, 70% of the complex is a recreational area that
creates a natural microclimate. With us you will meet unique olive and coniferous parks
cultivated on 2 hectares. As for the infrastructure, you will find a gym, several swimming pools,
hippodrome, many types of sports fields and more.

The New Year is a magical time, and the New Year in the new home is a real celebration.

Предложение действует до 15 января, так что не упустите шанс перейти в Крцаниси
Вила Резиденс уже сегодня!